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Airtel Fee Zone/Airtel Free Gmail

Written By Manohar reddy on Wednesday, 3 July 2013 | 17:58

Airtel Fee Zone/Airtel Free Gmail
Airtel launched a new service Free Zone powered by Google, the service provides the unique option of using Google services Google search, Gmail and Google+ for free, and this is applicable even if you don’t have any data plan.

freezone airtel 
All you need to do is type on your mobile browser and you can Google services for free. This offer is applicable to all users of Airtel having featured phones and smartphones.
There are few conditions though, and here are they……………
  • Maximum data limit of 1GB/day.
  • Attaching files to email, and clicking on external links will cost you extra charges.
  • Even Google search is restricted with a special rule which charges you for every result you click other than the first link in the list. So, upon searching for a query, only the first result will be free but remaining links in the links will be charged.
  • Google+ seems to be completely free, but external links may be charged.
After cutting 2G, 3G and 4G costs Airtel seems to reach the basic user with this attractive service. It will surely increase internet users to Airtel as it is giving the basic steps of internet usage which are searching, email, and social networking for free, once these are available any internet user will not stop in clicking external links, which gives money to Airtel.

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